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  • Big Boss Shanmukh Jaswanth was detained by cops, What exactly happened?

    Popular YouTuber and Bigg Boss fame, Shanmukh Jaswanth, got caught by the police for possessing marijuana. Following a complaint by a young woman, police went to arrest Shanmukh’s brother, Sampath Vinay, at his plot, where Shanmukh was found consuming marijuana. As a result, both Sampath Vinay and Shanmukh were taken into custody by the Narsingi police in Hyderabad. It is reported that 16 grams of marijuana were found in Shanmukh’s flat.

    What Happened in Shanmukh’s Flat!

    Sampath Vinay, brother of Shanmukh, has been in a relationship with a girl named Mounika from Andhra Pradesh for several years, and their engagement took place three years ago. However, the wedding was postponed due to the illness of the girl’s mother. Just six days before their scheduled wedding, Sampath married another woman, shocking Mounika, who then filed a complaint against him. She went with the police to the flat where Sampath and Shanmukh were staying. There, it was reported that Shanmukh was found taking drugs. As Mounika was recording a video of them, an altercation ensued with the inebriated YouTuber (Shanmukh Jaswanth) asking her not to film. The police then took both the brothers into custody. Arrests were made, and a drug case was filed against Shanmukh, while Sampath was charged with cheating.

    Mounika’s Sensational Allegations!

    Victim Mounika made sensational allegations against both Sampath and Shanmukh in her complaint to the police. She claimed that Shanmukh deceived her by promising opportunities on YouTube and that Sampath sexually assaulted her. She accused him of taking her to hotels and villas, threatening her, and sexually harassing her. When she became pregnant, Sampath allegedly coerced her into getting an abortion. Mounika stated that Sampath forced her to marry him by putting a ring on her finger, claiming they were now engaged. Upon discovering that Sampath had married another woman, she reported him to the police. Mounika also accused Shanmukh of having marijuana and drug pills and claimed to have video evidence. She alleged that a constable tried to help Shanmukh and expressed fear for her life, seeking protection from the police.

    This is Not the First Time for Shanmukh!

    This is not the first time Shanmukh has been arrested. He was previously arrested in a hit and run case. However, he was quickly released as he hadn’t consumed alcohol. Shanmukh entered the Bigg Boss season-5 with the aim of clearing his tarnished image but ended up as the runner-up due to crossing boundaries with fellow housemate Siri Hanumanth. Sunny emerged as the winner of that season.

    The Breakup Post Bigg Boss!

    Before entering Bigg Boss, Shanmukh was deeply in love with social media influencer Deepthi Sunaina. Their relationship was highly visible on social media. However, due to Shanmukh’s actions with Siri inside the Bigg Boss house, their relationship ended. While dealing with the breakup, his brother Sampath shared life lessons and love advice on Instagram, stating that the country would love him in the future. It is ironic that Sampath, who once advised his brother on love and life, is now arrested for deceiving his fiancée.

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