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  • Shooting for Allu Arjun’s “Pushpa: The Rule” will start in August, with the movie’s release date being postponed to 2023

    An exciting piece of news regarding Allu Arjun’s much anticipated film “Pushpa: The Rule” is causing a stir in Tollywood. According to a recent update, Sukumar and his crew will begin shooting “Pushpa: The Rule” in August. Actually, filming was supposed to begin in June or July, but the Captain of Pushpa revised the script, delaying the start of production until August.

    Recently, Allu Arjun was spotted with a bulked-up physique. Allu’s critics started a troll campaign against his looks on social media, but to everyone’s surprise, the heavy look is really for his new movie, “Pushpa: The Rule.” Sukumar will give Allu Arjun a previously unseen look. Arjun has always had a lean body in all of his films. He is attempting the bulkier appearance for the first time in his career. Every new development relating to this movie creates headlines in the national press. “Pushpa: The Rule” is scheduled for release in January 2023.

    It’s also been said that director Sukumar has offered a role to Tamil star Vijay Sethupathi. Some big names of Bollywood are also linked to this project.

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