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  • “Sita Ramam” leads the US premier shows

    Positive reviews greeted the release of “Sita Ramam” and “Bimbisara” this week. These two films are expected to break Tollywood’s curse of flops, according to early reports. Audiences around the world are blown away by these movies and are sharing their reviews on Twitter. While “Sita Ramam” is a musical romance drama, “Bimbisara” is a period action sci-fi film. Both movies are incredibly well made for their respective genres.

    The premiere shows started a day earlier in the US than they did in India. According to the box office results for the US premiere shows, “Sita Ramam” had a slight edge over “Bimbisara.”

    Take a look 

                                    United States premier show box office report 

    Sita RamamBimbisara
    $89,841 – 227 Locs$61,455 – 124 Locs

    Both the movies are expected to take excellent openings in domestic and international markets. 

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