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  • Something is going on with Rishabh Pant and Urvashi Rautela?

    Urvashi, who took part in Vinayaka Chavithi festivals, had a bitter experience. The crowd at the event began chanting “Rishabh Pant.. Rishabh Pant” as soon as they spotted Urvashi. The actress maintained her composure despite the screaming from the crowd and went home. She then published the post that was just discussed. However, following this awful incident, the internet is once again buzzing over Rishab Pant and Urvashi affair. Let’s take a quick look at what’s actually happening between Pant and Urvashi?

    On social media, Urvashi Rautela and Rishabh Pant are everywhere! There are also rumours that they are dating each other. In an interview, Urvashi spoke to support these rumours. She claimed that “RP” patiently waited for her. She then disclosed in the interview that she had been told to meet him in Mumbai. With this, rumours about ‘RP’ standing for Rishabh Pant began to circulate. Rishab Pant, the Indian wicket-keeper batsman, became aware of the rumours as they grew more serious.

    The way Rishabh Pant handled this surprised us a little bit. ” It is painful to say something for the sake of fame, but it is ridiculous that some people lie for exposure,” Pant wrote on Instagram. Pant abruptly removed his post within ten minutes. It had gone viral by that point. Urvashi was really upset by this. You should participate in bat ball,  “Brother Pant you should play bat ball. “I am not small enough to be infamous, she replied.”

    Again in the news with the Asia Cup..

    The drama around Pant and Urvashi resurfaced. The Asia Cup has only fueled this fire further. The fact that Rautela attended India matches astonished her because she claimed she didn’t follow cricket. After the India-Pakistan game, Urvashi shared a video. It received criticism for including the Pakistani bowler’s video in it. The publication of a video in which the Pakistani bowler appears to be lured by her attractiveness incited outrage from online users. She received abuse for it. She attended the Vinayakachavithi celebrations in the midst of all of this. She asked the people to stop chanting “Pant” as they began to do.

    The Pant and Urvashi scandal: is it real?

    There were rumours that Urvashi just attended an Asia Cup match just for Pant. But some contend that this is untrue. Pant allegedly dates another woman. According to rumours, Pant is in love with Uttarakhand native Isha Negi. That young lady attends IPL games involving Delhi Capitals as well. Pant and Urvashi do not have a relationship as a result!

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