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  • SSMB29 Cast: Rajamouli’s Big Plan.. Mahesh in a Negative Role.. Official Announcement That Day!

    One of the most eagerly awaited films for Indian cinema enthusiasts is the forthcoming movie featuring Mahesh Babu and directed by SS Rajamouli. This action-adventure film, set to have a global reach, has not yet been officially announced. Nevertheless, significant updates about it are circulating on social media. Let’s explore the latest news about ‘SSMB29’ that’s currently trending online.

    Mahesh’s Dual Role

    According to the latest buzz, Mahesh Babu is set to play a dual role in ‘SSMB29‘. Throughout his career spanning 28 films, Mahesh has never played a double role. But now, it seems Rajamouli will showcase him in dual roles, with one of these characters reportedly having negative shades. If this is true, expectations for ‘SSMB29’ are sure to double, promising a full package for Mahesh’s fans.

    Official Announcement That Day!

    Apart from the lead actor Mahesh Babu, director Rajamouli has not announced any other cast members yet. There hasn’t been a film launch event either. However, pre-production work is reportedly advancing well. Speculation is rife that an official announcement for ‘SSMB29’ might be made on August 9, aligning with Mahesh Babu’s birthday, especially since pre-production is almost complete. This anticipation has sparked intense speculation among fans about whether a new poster or a preview teaser featuring Mahesh will be released.

    Nassar Joins the Movie Team!

    In another exciting update, acclaimed actor Nassar is rumored to have joined the cast of the movie. He is reportedly participating in workshops with Mahesh Babu and other actors, where he provides valuable advice and suggestions, especially on dialogue delivery. Nassar has previously played a similar role in Rajamouli’s epic films ‘Baahubali‘ and ‘RRR‘, where he coached stars like Prabhas, Jr. NTR, and Ram Charan in regional dialects. As a veteran theater artist, Nassar has built a substantial reputation as a character actor in both Telugu and Tamil cinema, enthralling audiences with his portrayal of Bijjaladeva in ‘Baahubali’.

    A Malayalam Star as the Villain!

    It appears that Rajamouli is deeply engaged in casting, nearly finalizing a formidable antagonist to face Mahesh Babu. The strong buzz suggests that Malayalam star Prithviraj Sukumaran has been nearly confirmed as the villain in ‘SSMB29’, with an official announcement expected soon. Prithviraj previously played a villain in the Prashant Neel-director ‘Salaar’ starring Prabhas, where he became well-liked by Telugu audiences. A video praising Prithviraj’s performance by Rajamouli during the promotions of ‘Salaar’ went viral at the time.

    Mahesh’s Latest Look Goes Viral!

    Recently, a video of Mahesh Babu emerging from the airport after a vacation with his family went viral. In the video, Mahesh sports long hair and a thick beard, topped with a cap, captivating his fans. Many believe this to be his new look for ‘SSMB29’, and posts speculating about this have been trending online. Mahesh Babu is reportedly preparing for a never-before-seen look in Rajamouli’s upcoming film.

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