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  • Sujeet Swami’s fight for a Rs. 35 refund resulted in a payout of Rs. 2.5 crore from Railway Board.

    Sujeet Swami, a 30-year-old engineer, won his 5-year battle with Indian Railways when the Railway Board refunded him 35 rupees. Despite the fact that he cancelled the ticket prior to the implementation of GST, Indian Railways charged him the amount as service tax.

    Swami claims to have purchased a train ticket from Kota to New Delhi from the Golden Temple Mail Station in the month of May. GST, the government of India’s new tax term, went into effect on July 1st, 2017. Here’s the twist: Sujeet cancelled his ticket because it had not been moved up the waiting list. He paid 765 rupees for his ticket, but he received a refund of 665 rupees after cancellation. The first 65 rupees were deducted as cancellation fees, but the remaining 35 rupees were deducted for unknown reasons. When Sujeet inquired about the 35 rupees, the officer stated that GST had been imposed, but Sujeet demanded a refund because he purchased his ticket prior to the implementation of GST. As the officers failed to assist him, the engineer decided to bring the situation to the attention of RTI.

    Sujeet received a refund of 33 rupees instead of 35 rupees in his bank account on May 1, 2019. Sujeet fought against the Railway Board for the next three years. Last Friday, his questions were finally answered, along with his refund. Surprisingly, the Railway Board has approved a Rs.35 refund for all 2.8 lakh users who were overcharged. Sumeet received his two rupee refund on Friday. The Railway Board has refunded Rs 2,43,15,785 in total.

    Sujeet stated that as soon as the refund was credited to his bank account, he donated it to the PM care fund.

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