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  • ‘Superstar’ Vs. ‘Remake Star’  banter on Twitter

    While the south’s film industry is thriving and has recently had great success. But the teasing between Tollywood and Kollywood never really stopped; in recent times, it has even gotten worse. On Twitter and other social media, we constantly see star hero fan battles.

    Recently, there was conflict within Tollywood between Prabhas’ and Allu Arjun’s supporters. But yesterday, this fan conflict broke out between two Kollywood and Tollywood big men. These celebrities are none other than Thalapathy Vijay of Kollywood and Mahesh Babu of Tollywood.

    Many Tollywood hits have been remade into Kollywood by Vijay. With Mahesh Babu remakes like Okkadu as “Ghilli” and Pokiri as “Pokiri,” he experienced tremendous success. Instead of acknowledging the fact that Vijay made numerous remakes, his supporters began asserting that Vijay’s remakes were superior to Mahesh Babu’s original movies. This infuriated Mahesh Babu’s supporters, who began a boycott trend on Twitter that included vulgarity, and demeaning memes.  While Mahesh Babu’s supporters began the hashtag #NationalTrollMaterialVijay, Vijay supporters responded with the hashtag #BoycottGayMahesh. These hashtags quickly generated thousands of tweets and rose to the top of the Twitter trends.

    Mahesh Babu fans should refrain from indulging in Vijay fan banter since everyone is aware of how Mahesh Babu’s films benefited Vijay in becoming a mass performer. Comparison between Vijay and Mahesh Babu is useless as they are both in different Industries. Mahesh Babu’s followers should be aware that he runs his own Twitter account and is very active here. While Vijay’s Twitter account is managed by his PR team.

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