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  • Surbhi Puranik: Embracing the Rose.. Revealing Her Charm.. Surbhi’s Cheeky Trap!

    Young beauty Surbhi Puranik has captured social media’s attention with her glamorous photos, making heads turn with her beauty.

    Recently sharing some photos, Surbhi is seen caressing a rose, simultaneously flaunting her figure, casting a playful charm on the youth.

    In white attire, Surbhi’s display of elegance has left netizens spellbound, with some commenting she looks like a celestial beauty.

    Born and raised in Delhi, Surbhi honed her acting skills at the Imago Acting School, even before venturing into movies, she was a model for commercials.

    She made her cinematic debut in Tamil with ‘Ivan Veramathiri’, impressing the audience with her role as Malini.

    In 2015, she entered the Telugu film industry with ‘Beeruva’, captivating Telugu audiences with her glamour.

    The following year, she starred opposite Sharwanand in ‘Express Raja’, achieving a super hit, which opened up more opportunities in Tollywood.

    In 2016, she acted in ‘Attack’ with Manchu Manoj and ‘Gentleman’ with Nani. However, these films did not perform as expected at the box office.

    In 2017, despite acting in ‘Okka Kshanam’ with Allu Sirish, the expected success was not met, leading to a decline in opportunities in Telugu.

    Her subsequent movies ‘Voter’ and ‘Sashi’ also did not meet her expectations. Post-2021, Surbhi hasn’t done any Telugu films, which is noteworthy.

    Recently, she acted in the Tamil horror-comedy ‘DD Returns’ with star comedian Santhanam, which was a success in Tamil and is available in Telugu on OTT platforms.

    Currently, with no film offers in hand, Surbhi has turned her focus to social media, sharing her glamorous photos in an attempt to captivate everyone.

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