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  • How far can you go for your GF? To meet his girlfriend in the dark, a Bihar electrician turned off the power to the entire village.

    People often say falling in love drives you insane. You may agree with individuals who made the aforementioned statement after hearing this news. Are you stumped? Don’t worry, we’ll clear things up for you.  An electrician from the Purnia area of Bihar was caught executing a crazy stunt to meet his sweetheart girlfriend. This electrician devised a unique strategy for … Read more

    Viral Video of Gun Brandishing in wedding Dance Party Celebrations at Bihar is trending on Internet.

    Many sections of North India continue to glorify gun culture. In particular, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Many Bollywood films depict the culture of gun ownership in these states. Although gun culture is prohibited in India, this custom continues today. A man was recently seen dancing with a female dancer at a wedding in Gopalganj, Bihar, while clutching a handgun in … Read more