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  • Prabhas fans start boycott campaign against the director Maruthii

    Director Maruthi announced earlier today that his movie, starring Rebel Star Prabhas, will launch tomorrow in collaboration with the new production company People’s Media Factory. Prabhas isn’t currently in India, despite the puja ritual that is supposed to take place tomorrow in front of the director and producers. This shocking assertion outraged Prabhas’s fans. Fans of The Rebel star don’t … Read more

    #IsupportLiger Hashtag trends on Twitter against #boycoottLiger. The Boycott gang targets Vijay Devarakonda

    Bollywood actors and business experts are debating the boycott of Bollywood movies vehemently. His nasty campaigns are in some way having a detrimental impact on movies. This boycott movement was started by a section of the Bollywood public to show support for the deceased actor Sushanth Singh Rajput, who committed suicide in 2020. However, even after the actor’s passing two … Read more