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  • Prabhas fans start boycott campaign against the director Maruthii

    Director Maruthi announced earlier today that his movie, starring Rebel Star Prabhas, will launch tomorrow in collaboration with the new production company People’s Media Factory. Prabhas isn’t currently in India, despite the puja ritual that is supposed to take place tomorrow in front of the director and producers.

    This shocking assertion outraged Prabhas’s fans. Fans of The Rebel star don’t want their idol to collaborate with filmmaker Maruthi, who has long seemed unworthy. Pakka Commercial, Martuthi’s most recent film, was an abject failure at the box office.

    Using the hashtag # BoycottMaruthifromTFI, Prabhas’s fans aired their anger on Twitter. There are thousands of tweets using this hashtag right now on Twitter.

    Prabhas’s admirers urge the actor to continue working with successful directors in light of his prior mistakes with Saaho and Radhe Shyam by depending on inexperienced filmmakers. Maruthii, on the other hand, lately brought two disasters. They fiercely oppose Prabhas and Maruthii working together as such. As a result, the hashtag was still widely used on Twitter.

    Look forward to seeing the actor and director’s reactions to this Twitter trend.

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