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  • ‘Oke Oka Jeevitham’ Surpasses ‘RRR,’ ‘Karthikeya-2,’ ‘Sita Ramam’ and ‘Bimbisara’ on IMDB ratings

    Sharwanand’s recent film Oke oka Jeevitham/Kanam has been receiving warm reviews from the audience and the critics and is running successfully in cinemas. This film’s success is a relief for Sharwanand, who is suffering from a series of flops. Oke Oka Jeevitham – We Live Only Once This time-travel movie’s central message is that “we only live once.” You will … Read more

    ‘Oke Oka Jeevitham’ Trailer : Sharwanand travels back in time to meet her mother 

    Time-travel movies are once again a dazzling genre in Tollywood. In 1991, Balakrishna attempted this genre for the first time in Telugu cinema with Aditya 369, which became a phenomenon in India. Then, a lot of movies tried to dominate this genre, but none of them were successful. Recently, Nanamuri Kalyan Ram came to the audience with the time travel … Read more