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  • ‘Oke Oka Jeevitham’ Surpasses ‘RRR,’ ‘Karthikeya-2,’ ‘Sita Ramam’ and ‘Bimbisara’ on IMDB ratings

    Sharwanand’s recent film Oke oka Jeevitham/Kanam has been receiving warm reviews from the audience and the critics and is running successfully in cinemas. This film’s success is a relief for Sharwanand, who is suffering from a series of flops.

    Oke Oka Jeevitham – We Live Only Once

    This time-travel movie’s central message is that “we only live once.” You will be momentarily stopped and compelled to savour your childhood memories by this movie. Growing up is not as fun as it may seem, but the hardest way to grow up is to feel regret for the things that did happen to you as a youngster. This movie tackles this sensible subject in a masterful fusion of extreme emotions and insightful storytelling.

    Vennala Kishore, Priyadarshi, and Sharwanand all brought life to their parts. Sharwanand does a fantastic job acting, particularly in the emotional scenes. Vennala Kishore’s acting abilities are showcased in this movie. He’s always overlooked as a comedian and the protagonist’s sidekick in all his films, but he’s just a phenomenal actor. His performance in this film speaks volumes. Naseer and Amala steal the show.

    We must appreciate Shree Karthik, the director, for creating such an exceptional screenplay and putting it into action. The director transformed this science fiction movie into a wrenching emotional drama with all the necessary elements, including joy, love, sorrow, and more. Unlike other movies, this one doesn’t cause at least one cringe moment. From the very beginning to the very end, the plot never falters. There should definitely be applause for this debutante.

    Record Ratings for Oke oka Jeevitham on IMDB

    This movie is receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews and ratings from viewers. “Oke Oka Jeevitham ” received an 8.6/10 on the IMDB website. This movie received higher ratings than all of the big Telugu films of 2022, which itselves is interesting.

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