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  • ‘Saakini Dakini’ Movie Review: Nivetha and Regina’s flick might emerge as the winner at this week’s box office

    The Telugu film “Saakini Dakini” is a remake of the Korean film “Midnight Runners” by director Sudhir Varma. Before its release, there weren’t many expectations for the movie. But with extensive advertising, the film crew has raised anticipation for this film. The movie premiered today in theaters. Will the audience be impressed by this film? Let’s check. Plot It will … Read more

    Nivetha Thomas and Regina Cassandra are betting everything on “Saakini Daakini.”

    Nivetha Thomas and Regina Cassandra were once the two most talked-about actresses in Telugu films. But they are going through a difficult time in their professional lives. They have no substantial bids in the works. Their impending multistarrer “Saakini Daakini” is all they have to hope for. Let’s take a look into the careers of these actress Regina, who made … Read more

    Regina Cassandra cracks an adult joke on a talk show. Check out the video.

    Regina Cassandra made a joke about men’s sexual lives, which reduced men’s self-confidence. Regina Cassandra and Nivetha Thomas have attended a promotional talk programme to promote her upcoming film ‘Saakini Daakini.’ While having a conversation about the food items. She compared men to maggie.  She said “ I know a joke about boys but I should not crack it here. … Read more