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  • ‘Saakini Dakini’ Movie Review: Nivetha and Regina’s flick might emerge as the winner at this week’s box office

    The Telugu film “Saakini Dakini” is a remake of the Korean film “Midnight Runners” by director Sudhir Varma. Before its release, there weren’t many expectations for the movie. But with extensive advertising, the film crew has raised anticipation for this film. The movie premiered today in theaters. Will the audience be impressed by this film? Let’s check.


    It will be great if two people’s animosity transforms into friendship. This tale fits the bill. Dakini (Regina) and Saakini (Nivetha Thomas) enlist as trainees in the police academy. They don’t really get along with one another. Like salt and pepper, the scenes between them continue. They both try to overpower one another in every aspect. They both witness a girl being abducted. They will not be listened to if they report this to the police. An investigation is launched behind the scenes by Saakini and Daakini. What kind of experiences did they have on this journey? How did the investigation ultimately come to a close? What did they discover during their investigation that is mysterious? These answers you must find in theaters.


    Nivetha and Regina are pure crowd pleasers in this film. Regina astounds the audience with her attitude, while Nivetha wows with her comic timing. They both worked really hard to make this movie. They performed just as well as heroes in action sequences. The aura was evident, particularly in police training and fight scenes. They have transformed to match their roles to resemble trained professionals. Their enmity offers some clean comedy to the viewers. Both of them have gone up a notch with this movie. As the director of the police academy, Bhanuchander excels. You’ll chuckle for a while thanks to Prithvi, Raghubabu, and Satyala’s humour.

    Technical Aspects

    Sudhir Varma, the director, had no qualms about conveying a delicate story to the viewers in a straightforward manner. The core components of the film Midnight Runners are gone. Impressive changes have been made to reflect our nativity. The spectator is engaged by the interplay between the protagonists and the investigative aspects. But he occasionally missed logicians and was unable to deliver a compelling story. It has poor cinematography. It would have been preferable if the filmmaker had given the soundtrack some thought. Additionally, the background music is unimpressive. The film has good production values.


    Lead cast acting

    Action scenes




    Illogical sequences 


    ‘Saakini Daaniki’ is a cool one time watch for our weekend. 

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