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  • The 50 Top Most Searched Telugu Actors Of 2022: Here’s Who Made The Cut!

    The 50 Top Most Searched Telugu Actors Of 2022 The popularity of Telugu actors and actresses has grown exponentially in the past few years, and 2022 is no different. YouSay News & Entertainment conducted detailed research to ascertain which Telugu actors and actresses are the most popular in 2022 by examining Google’s search engine results. Allu Arjun is at the … Read more

    Anupama Parameshwaran is roped for “Radhika” role in DJ Tillu- 2

    DJ Tillu, a movie starring Siddhu Jonnnalagadda, is a huge box office hit. Due to her performance as “Radhika” in this movie, actress Neha Shetty has established a solid reputation in the industry. It is well known that Neha Shetty will not appear in the upcoming DJ Tillu sequel. Although many actresses were under consideration, none of them were chosen … Read more

    Neha Shetty awes her fans in traditional attire

    The Telugu audience has grown to love Neha Shetty’s portrayal of Radhika in the movie “DJ Tillu.” The beauty enthralled young people with her beautiful performance in film. She is currently one of Tollywood’s most well-liked actresses.  You shouldn’t miss Neha Shetty’s latest photoshoot in an ethical appearance. The actress wears a yellow saree and blouse with embroidery to emphasize … Read more

    DJ Tillu’s Siddu Jonnalagadda Praises Vishwak Sen

    Siddu Jonnalagadda recently attended the premiere of “Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam.” Siddu Jonnalagadda praised the entire cast and crew of the film, particularly Vishwak Sen. He was referring to a fellow actor. “Vishwak Sen put up a fantastic performance. He worked extremely hard to become this calm and collected character, as he is known for his high energy.” DJ Tillu … Read more