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  • No more luxury for the character artists in the shoots. Character Artists’ Fees to be reduced by Telugu producers

    The Telugu Film Industry has found some solutions to resolve the financial crisis of the industry. Under the direction of the Film Chamber and Producers Council, which Dil Raju served as head of, these conversations got underway. consulted with 24 departments In a statement, Dil Raju and C. Kalyan claimed that the conversations they had with several departments had produced … Read more

    Is Dil Raju backstabbing the Telugu Producers Guild? The ace producers refused to halt “Varasudu” shooting, claiming it is a Tamil film

    Tollywood’s producer council and active producers guild called for ‘Bandh’ to stop the shootings from yesterday. Telugu film industry is going through its worst revenue crisis, the industry didn’t even have a single hit film in the month of July. The producers council has requested all it’s members to stop the shootings as of August 1 in order to analyse … Read more

    Mandatory 50 Day theatrical window for Telugu Films from July 1st says Telugu Film Producers Council.

    As OTT continues to eat away theatre revenue, the Telugu Film Producers Council, as expected, imposed a mandatory 50-day theatrical window. This is a relief for filmmakers and distributors because it allows them to generate revenue from theatres at the outset. People are no longer going to see movies in theatres, even if the film is good because it will … Read more