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  • No more luxury for the character artists in the shoots. Character Artists’ Fees to be reduced by Telugu producers

    The Telugu Film Industry has found some solutions to resolve the financial crisis of the industry. Under the direction of the Film Chamber and Producers Council, which Dil Raju served as head of, these conversations got underway. consulted with 24 departments In a statement, Dil Raju and C. Kalyan claimed that the conversations they had with several departments had produced outcomes. Putting these into practice is the next stage! Some issues still haven’t been resolved after lengthy negotiations lasting six hours a day for months. The two most significant ones are remuneration and production costs. The issue of hero-heroines’ remuneration has not yet been settled. The Chamber and the Council of Producers continued their efforts, though. Many producers assert that they will keep working on the issue until it is fixed. 

    The remuneration for the heroes and heroines won’t be bought down, though, as it’s a complex subject and obviously depends on the market they have. For cost-cutting considerations, the producers have now turned to character artists. According to reports, the character artists’ new terms and conditions have been developed by the producers. The Maa association approved these new terms after discussion between the producers guild and them.

    The new terms are as follows:

    1. The staff of heroines and character artists will no longer get salaries, allowances, or other payments from producers. They have stipulated that they must pay the salaries of any assistants they hire.
    2. Strict regulations have been put in place regarding vanity vans, food, and lodging. No special privileges will be granted to any of the character artists and heroines.
    3. Two character artists will be provided with a caravan. If the actors wish to be considered separately, they must pay those additional costs.
    4. Heroines must hire a local team as their assistants, but not the people from their home regions. Their costs and salaries are unrelated to those of producers. Strict measures will be taken if they violate these terms.
    5. A heroine should be chosen if she meets the requirements for a compelling narrative. Producers must make concessions in order to meet consumer demand.
    6. Top heroines and character artists may demand a pay rise depending on their market.
    7. All producers must adhere to the demand and supply laws when hiring an artist. If not, one should consider a different artist as an option.
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