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  • August 19th Telugu Movie and OTT Releases

    Movie Releases This week, eight movies are scheduled for release. With back-to-back hits like Sita Ramam, Bimbisara, and Karthikeya, Tollywood is on a roll. The Telugu films coming out this week, such “Tees Maar Khan” and “Wanted PanduGod,” are anticipated to benefit from the success trend. Let’s look at the new movies that were launched this week. ‘Thiru/Thiruchitrambalam’ (Tamil Dub) … Read more

    New ticket prices have been proposed by the Telangana State Film Chamber in an effort to revive the theater industry

    The theater business of movies has declined substantially in the post-pandemic era for a multitude of reasons. Regardless of the languages, the theatrical film business is currently facing its worst period ever. One of the elements that contributed to the unanticipated decline in theater business was ticket prices. Since movie ticket prices have skyrocketed in the post-pandemic era, most moviegoers … Read more

    Mandatory 50 Day theatrical window for Telugu Films from July 1st says Telugu Film Producers Council.

    As OTT continues to eat away theatre revenue, the Telugu Film Producers Council, as expected, imposed a mandatory 50-day theatrical window. This is a relief for filmmakers and distributors because it allows them to generate revenue from theatres at the outset. People are no longer going to see movies in theatres, even if the film is good because it will … Read more