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  • New ticket prices have been proposed by the Telangana State Film Chamber in an effort to revive the theater industry

    The theater business of movies has declined substantially in the post-pandemic era for a multitude of reasons. Regardless of the languages, the theatrical film business is currently facing its worst period ever. One of the elements that contributed to the unanticipated decline in theater business was ticket prices.

    Since movie ticket prices have skyrocketed in the post-pandemic era, most moviegoers are now selective about what they choose to see in theaters. The producers and exhibitors have taken numerous actions, but nothing seems to be working in their favour. The Telugu-speaking states producer council recently met in order to put a halt to this and discussed issues including the OTT release window, movie ticket rates, theater rights, and other related issues.

    In an effort to revitalise the film industry, the Telangana state film chamber of commerce has also proposed new, lower ticket pricing for the Telangana region. The OTT release window for all the movies has been stretched to 10 weeks. The lowered ticket prices for Telangana region are as follows.

    SmallA & B₹ 100₹ 125
    SmallC₹ 70₹ 125
    MediumA & B₹ 112₹ 177
    MediumC₹ 100₹ 177
    BigA & B₹ 177₹ 295
    BigC₹ 150₹ 295


    The updated ticket fairings have not won over moviegoers. The average audience claims that the ticket costs are still excessive. They urge the producers to reduce the cost of production and the price of the theatrical rights rather than raising the movie ticket prices. Despite the lowered ticket prices, OTT platforms continue to be their first priority.

    According to the audience, extending a movie’s OTT release window to 10 weeks will not have a good impact on the movie industry; instead, it will encourage viewers to use piracy websites.

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