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  • ‘Tees Maar Khan’ Review:  Can this film revive the career of Aadi Saikumar?

    Aadi Saikumar and Payal Rajput’s ‘Tees Maar Khan’ is the heroine. In this movie, Poorna and Sunil had significant roles. Kalyan Ji Gogana is the director of this film. The music was composed by Saikarthik. This movie was produced by Vision Cinemas, which is run by Nagam Tirupathireddy. Aadi Saikumar and his crew have a lot of faith in this film. Let’s see if Aadi’s confidence yields the outcomes he desires.


    College student Tees Maar Khan (Adi Saikumar). He desires to work as a police officer. However, a mafia man causes difficulty when Tesmarkhan joins the force as a police officer. He loses his sister and her spouse in the process. Will Tees Maar Khan succeed in exacting justice for his loss? How, if so? You must see the film to find out!


    The movie was conveyed as a mass-market amusement. They mainly aimed to depict the hero’s bond with his sister. Only playing a glamorous character, Payal Rajput made up for the songs’ lack of visual appeal. Poorna was given a great role in this film. Adi Saikumar’s depiction in a variety of shades is impressive. The story has nothing novel. The narrative seems to have been told many times already. Even the songs are obnoxious and out of context. This story might not appeal to those who enjoy mainstream cinema. However, it would have been better if the story had been handled more carefully by the filmmaker. The build quality is excellent. Saikarthik’s song did not particularly impress.



    Production values


    A routine story



    Rating: 2/5

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