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  • Telugu audience are angry on SIIMA for snubbing Sai Pallavi

    Sai Pallavi is one of the versatile actresses of contemporary south cinema. The actress can get into any kind of role with ease. She has violated all preconceived notions of what a heroine ought to be. She persuaded us that portraying a heroine requires more depth than just being glam. She is one of the actresses that won over the public via her acting abilities rather than by glitz or skin-show.

    Sai Pallavi has emerged as the crowd puller. People flock theaters to watch her flawless acting. Due to her reputation, she gave the audience the feeling that any film Sai Pallavi chose will be special in some way. From “Fidaa,” her debut film, to “Gargi,” her most recent, her performances in every film truly stand on their own.

    However, it appears that this great actress was purposefully snubbed at the most recent SIIMA awards. In 2021, Sai Pallavi had two films come out: “Love Story” and “Shyam Singha Roy.” She received a tonne of praise for these movies thanks to her superb acting. These movies performed much better as a result of Sai Pallavi’s involvement, and they ended up being the profitable ones. Sai Pallavi, who played Mounika Rani in “Love Story” and Rosie in “Shyam Singha Roy,” is predicted to win every award.

    Surprisingly, Pooja Hegde won the best actress award for the movie “Most Eligible Bachelor” instead of Sai Pallavi at South India’s major awards ceremony, SIIMA. When compared to Sai Pallavi, Pooja’s acting abilities are incomparably less. Pooja is a commercial and glitzy actress who favours flashy jobs over complicated tasks. On the other hand, Sai Pallavi is very different from Pooja, who consistently astounds the public with her talent. The majority of Telugu audience were not pleased with SIIMA’s surprise move. There have even been complaints that SIIMA is becoming too fake and commercialized.

    According to certain insider reports, SIIMA chose Pooja Hedge as the winner because she could attend the ceremony whereas Sai Pallavi couldn’t due to her tight shooting schedule. Corporate businesses, as we all know, are more interested in company growth than with recognising talent. To promote their event, SIIMA did all this gimmickry.


    Actors are never defined by awards. Nearly all awards are skewed. The best prize for an artist is to win the love of the audience. Without a doubt, Sai Pallavi’s talents have won over the public.

    What’s your take on this? Let us know.

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