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  • ‘Thank You’ Movie Review: Naga Chaitanya works well in all three of his roles but is it enough?

    The movie “Thank you,” starring Naga Chaitanya, was just released in cinemas. Rashi Khanna played the main female lead in this film. Malavika Nair and Avika Gor played crucial roles. Vikram K. Kumar directed the narrative, which was written by BVS Ravi. Thaman provides the music. The project is bankrolled by Dil Raju. Even though the movie “Thank you” was scheduled for release a long time ago, the COVID epidemic caused many delays. Lets see how the movie fared.


    Abhiram (Nagachaitanya) succeeds professionally as the CEO of a company in the United States despite facing several obstacles in life. In his pursuit of his objectives, Abhiram disregards those who helped him succeed. The first is Priya (Rashi Khanna). Abhiram travels back to his home country after acknowledging his shortcomings to thank all of his former friends for their assistance in helping him prosper. The narrative is based on the experiences Abhiram had when travelling.


    It is very evident that “Thank you” is in no manner comparable to Vikram Kumar’s earlier films, “Ishq” and “Manam.” The storyline of this film brings to mind “Premam,” “Majili,” and “Na Autograph.” Despite the tried-and-tested narrative, director Vikram succeeded in making the movie with his distinctive screenplay.

    As a 16-year-old, a 21-year-old, and a 36-year-old, Naga Chaitanya effortlessly nailed his three characters. Fans of Mahesh Babu would enjoy the reference scenes to the Hero that Naga Chaitanya played in the movie as a Mahesh Babu devotee. Despite several poignant moments, the plot was successful in making its point. As Priya, Raashi Khanna gave an excellent performance. The first part highlights Abhiram’s career trajectory and his cutthroat demeanour. The emotive scenes and endearing conversation in the second half engage the audience.


    Although Naga Chaitanya typically played youngsters in his earlier films, he excelled in the character of Abhiram. Malavika Nair, Raashi Khanna, and Avika Gor all justified their roles. You’ll remember Prakash Raj and Sai Sushanth’s personas for a very long time.

    Technical Aspects

    Vikram K. Kumar, the director, did a fantastic job with the script that was given to him. He did a good job of delivering the emotional scenes. The film’s most egregious failure is BVS Ravi’s story. The music of Thaman is poor. Cinematography by PC Sriram was superb, while editing by Naveen Nooli was brilliant.


    Naga Chaitanya’s Acting

    Powerful Message


    Routine script

    Unimpressive Music

    Rating: 2.5/5

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