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  • The bride’s Father Refused to Get Her Daughter Married to an inebriated bridegroom

    We learned a lot about being punctual in school and the benefits of it, but sometimes we fail to put those lessons into practice. It’s acceptable to be late in some situations, but it’s not tolerable in all. There is a limit to everything. A Marathi bridegroom and his family recently forgot their time limits. Their irresponsible behaviour enraged the bride’s father, who later married her daughter to another guy at the same location.

    This incident took place in Maharashtra’s Buldhana district. The wedding was set to take place on April 22 in the Buldhana district’s Malkapur Pangra village.  All of the preparations were done, and the wedding ceremony was scheduled for 4 p.m. 

    The bride and her family arrived on time at the wedding location with all of their relatives. Except for the bridegroom, everyone is present. He was supposed to be on his way to the wedding, they assumed. The bride’s family kept waiting for their son-in-law for four hours only to learn that he and his buddies were toasting the occasion with liquor. At 8 p.m., the bridegroom and his family arrived.

    The bride’s family lost their cool with the bridegroom and his family since they were exhausted from waiting for their son-in-law. Both parties became embroiled in a heated debate, which only served to exacerbate the situation. The groom’s father was adamant about not giving his daughter to him. He broke up with the inebriated bridegroom and chose to marry her daughter to one of his close relatives’ sons. His request was granted, and her daughter’s wedding took place at the same location with a different bridegroom. The drunken bridegroom departed the venue in tears, heartbroken by the bride’s father’s firm choice.

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