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  • The celebration song ‘Thandanaanandha,’ from Nani and Narziya’s movie ‘Ante Sundaraniki’ is out now

    The promo song for Nani’s upcoming film ‘Ante Sundaraniki’, titled ‘Thandanaanandha,’ is now available on YouTube and all audio streaming platforms. From the first hearing, this celebration tune drives us insane. With the backdrop of Nani and Nazriya‘s wedding, the video appears to be extremely colourful and entertaining. The key actors’ chemistry appears to be too good; Nazriya, in particular, shines out with her adorable appearance and engaging mannerisms.

    This song has Shankar Mahadevan and Swetha Mohan’s wonderful voices. Ram Jogaya Sastry penned the lyrics for the song. Vivek Sagar composed the soundtrack. This fun party song has been brought to life by all of the musicians. This song will definitely run your mouth with its addictive sounds and hooks.

    Nani and Nazriya‘s fans have been treated to spectacular dancing moves and amusing tales. The video is set against the backdrop of Nani and Nazriya‘s wedding which showcases the different religious customs. Nani appears worried as his marriage gets halted as the Mangalsutra is lost during the wedding. ‘Ante Sundaraniki inka Pelli Kanatte na’ dailouge roughly hints at the plot of the movie. But, as Nani emerges from his fright and exclaims, ‘Sundarniki pelli aina Kakapoina emina celebration a ra kavalante theater lo chudu,’ we are left bewildered.

    Nani asks the public to see the film in theaters on June 10 to find out what the question mark in the title ‘Ante Sundaraniki?’ means.

    Without a doubt, this song from the film is a hit. With its engaging lyrics and must-see visuals, this catchy music video effectively managed to pique the interest of fans. However, we will have to wait until June 10 to find out what Nani really wants to tell us.

    Along with the song Nani and Nazriya have brought a challenge to y’all. 

    Simply make an Instagram reel out of the hook step from the promo song ‘Thandanaanandha.’ Include the hashtags #antesundaraniki #Thandanaanandha #Nani #Nazriya in your post, as well as tag Nani, Nazriya on your post. The best ones will be shared by Nani and Narziya on their Instagram pages.Why late? Let’s have some ‘Ante Sundaraniki’ mayhem on Instagram.