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  • The Curious Case of Vijay Thalapathy vs. Vijay Devarakonda: Ranking in Most searched Asian on Google worldwide

    Today, Spin Music published the source image of the top 100 Asian searches on Google worldwide, with Vijay listed as rank#22. The source only mentioned the name and omitted the surname, as you can see from the image. Most news writers from India came to the conclusion that “Vijay” was actually Vijay Devarakonda. However, considering that Vijay Devarakonda hasn’t released a film in nearly three years and his Tamil counterpart has had two significant releases—one titled “Master” and another called “Beast”—we think the “Vijay” mentioned in the list with Rank #22 might be also the actor Vijay Thalapathy.

    Therefore, until then, the Vijay Thalapathy vs Vijay Devarakonda case will be intriguing unless another source emerges that gives this information with surnames.

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