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  • The Future of Telugu Cinema: Directors Who Could Rival S.S.Rajamouli’s Success

    Among India’s esteemed directors, S.S. Rajamouli is distinguished by his unbroken streak of success. With films like ‘RRR,’ he has propelled Telugu cinema to international prominence and is currently poised to penetrate the global market with ‘SSMB29,’ starring Mahesh Babu. However, there are ongoing discussions among North Indian audiences about whether any Telugu directors can match Rajamouli’s achievements. In response, we are giving several dynamic directors making their mark who can impact the Indian box office in a manner akin to Rajamouli. Who are these directors? Let’s explore.

    Nag Ashwin

    Currently, one of the most talked-about directors in Tollywood is Nag Ashwin. His upcoming film ‘Kalki 2898 AD‘ featuring Prabhas is creating buzz at a global level. This science fiction movie, inspired by Indian mythology, is set to release worldwide on June 27. Film analysts believe that if this movie succeeds, there will be no turning back for Nag Ashwin’s career. This film has the potential to elevate Tollywood to a new level and could bring immense fame to Nag Ashwin. His vision, execution, and unique promotions remind one of Rajamouli’s style.

    Director Rajamouli consistently sets the standard in incorporating technology into cinema, known for world-class graphics, inventive weaponry, distinctive costumes, and extraordinary hero portrayals. Director Nag Ashwin, in a similar vein, channels Rajamouli’s innovative spirit by leveraging cutting-edge technology for ‘Kalki’. The film features a specially designed vehicle named ‘Bujji’, used by Prabhas for his on-screen adventures. On Wednesday (May 22), a special preview of ‘Bujji’ was released, rapidly gaining popularity on YouTube.

    The ‘Bujji’ special vehicle was developed in collaboration with Mahindra company, costing around 7 crores. Normally, it takes five to ten years to develop a new vehicle, but director Nag Ashwin has integrated the Mahindra team into the film to direct them according to his vision. He stated in the ‘Bujji’ glimpse release event that this vehicle plays an important role in the movie. He thanked the Mahindra team for their cooperation in creating the vehicle.


    Before “Pushpa: The Rise,” Sukumar was primarily recognized within Tollywood, but the film’s success catapulted him to a pan-India directorial status. His direction in “Pushpa” left a strong impression, especially his transformation of the stylish Allu Arjun into a rugged character with untidy hair and a beard, perfectly matching the role’s demands. Unlike Rajamouli, who is known for emphasizing the interval and climax scenes with intense action, Sukumar adopted a unique approach in “Pushpa.” He designed these key scenes without violence, thereby intensifying anticipation for the second half. In the climax, Pushpa’s confrontation with SP Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat (Fahadh Faasil) set the stage intriguingly for the upcoming sequel.

    Everyone is waiting eagerly for the sequel ‘Pushpa 2: The Rule‘, set to release on August 15. The makers have already started promotions. If this movie is successful, Sukumar’s stature is expected to rise significantly. He has also announced that his next film will star Ram Charan. Rumors are that ‘Pushpa 3’ is also in the pipeline, suggesting that Sukumar could reach Rajamouli’s level of popularity in the next 2-3 years.

    Sandeep Reddy Vanga

    Tollywood sensation director Sandeep Reddy Vanga has proven his mettle with the movie ‘Animal‘. He has earned a unique recognition by making films with different concepts and has changed the style of cinema making, similar to Rajamouli. He is currently preparing to shoot his next film with Prabhas, titled ‘Spirit‘.

    In ‘Spirit’, Prabhas will appear as a police officer for the first time, and his character is expected to be very powerful. A poster related to Prabhas’s character has already been released, showing him in a different style of police uniform, reminiscent of an international cop look. Sandeep has promised that ‘Spirit’ will feature even stronger content than ‘Animal’, and he is confident that the movie will collect 150 crores on the first day alone, reaching 1500 crores in collections within a week if it receives positive reviews.

    Following ‘Spirit’, Sandeep Reddy is set to direct with Ranbir Kapoor in ‘Animal 2’. If these two films are successful, film analysts believe that Sandeep could achieve a level of fame comparable to Rajamouli.

    Prasanth Varma

    Young director Prasanth Varma has made a nationwide impact with his film ‘HanuMan‘. Achieving star director status with just his third movie, ‘HanuMan’ has become this year’s highest-grossing film, collecting over Rs. 350 crores and surpassing expectations at the box office. Prasanth Varma is now developing ‘Hanuman 2’ and is rumored to be directing a period film featuring Bollywood star Ranveer Singh. Success in these two projects could elevate Prasanth Varma’s reputation to a national level.

    Prashanth Neel

    Kannada director Prashanth Neel has achieved solid success with ‘Salaar,’ featuring Tollywood star Prabhas. His directing style has greatly impressed even Rajamouli. Prashanth Neel has captivated everyone by providing elevations that match Prabhas’ on-screen persona, presenting him as a strong personality in ‘Salaar.’ He designed the interval sequence wonderfully, reminiscent of Rajamouli’s style. Every appearance of Prabhas on screen sent chills down the fans’ spines.

    Currently, Prashanth Neel is fully dedicated to ‘Salaar: Part 2 – Shouryanga Parvam‘. Success with this film could establish him as one of the top directors nationally. He is also preparing for ‘NTR31’ with Tarak, expected to start production soon, and the production company has announced that ‘KGF 3’ is underway. If these three projects are successful, Prashanth Neel’s fame could rival that of Rajamouli.

    Koratala Siva

    Koratala Siva, a noted director in Tollywood, has seen substantial box office success with all his films except ‘Acharya‘. He is now directing a pan-India film titled ‘Devara‘ featuring Tarak, set against a coastal backdrop and generating significant buzz. The film, which includes Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan and music by Anirudh, will release in two parts, the first on October 10. The promotional materials, including a thrilling scene of Tarak with a sword, have heightened expectations. Success with ‘Devara’ could elevate Koratala Siva to national prominence. If both parts succeed, he could become one of the country’s most prominent directors.


    Sujeeth, recognized for his stylish direction, possesses skills akin to Hollywood filmmakers and is often compared to S.S. Rajamouli. Following ‘Baahubali,’ he directed Prabhas in ‘Saaho.’ Despite the film not meeting box office expectations, audiences appreciated Sujeeth’s direction, screenplay, and innovative approach, especially his execution of action scenes. He showcased Prabhas in a notably stylish role. At that time, it was said that Sujeeth would not need to look back if he could achieve a significant hit. Currently, he is directing ‘OG‘ with Pawan Kalyan, anticipated as a pan-India release. Early glimpses have already excited Pawan’s fans, where he portrays a gangster. If ‘OG’ succeeds, it is believed that Sujeeth’s career could soar, with some analysts suggesting that two major hits might propel him to a status comparable to Rajamouli’s.

    Buchi Babu

    Buchi Babu is one of the few directors who achieved a solid hit with their debut film. With ‘Uppena,’ he introduced a pure love story to the audience, proving his significant talent to the industry. He has now risen to a level where he is set to direct his next film with Tollywood star Ram Charan. This upcoming film, a sports drama, will also be released at a pan-India level. Analysts believe that if Buchi Babu’s talent combines well with Ram Charan’s star power, the film is sure to succeed. They also opine that his name will become well-known at a national level if this project succeeds.

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