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  • The GoodWill Ransomware will force you to do good deeds such as providing new clothing to the homeless.

    Many types of malware have been encountered in this software-centric world, including Mydoom, Sobig, Klez, ILOVEYOU, and WannaCry. Over the decades, the impact of this malware has cost billions of dollars and a very sensitive database in our cyber world. This malware’s sole purpose is to decrypt the data. In contrast to these standard malwares, a company discovered a new malware that is both dangerous and beneficial to society. Let’s take a closer look at this cyber virus.

    ‘GoodWill Ransomware’ This malware, according to Clousek, is allegedly motivated by social justice rather than conventional financial gain. The database and other essential files are encrypted by this new malware, making them unavailable without the decryption key. Clousek further suggests that the malware attack could result in permanent data loss.

    Clousek stated that in order to access the decryption key, the victim must undertake three social works, each of which must be filmed and shared on the victim’s social media sites.

    1. The victim is required to provide new clothing to the homeless. 
    2. At least five underprivileged children should be taken to urban food chains such as Domino’s, Pizza Hut, KFC, or McDonald’s and served a nice dinner.                                                                    
    3. The victim should provide financial assistance to individuals who require treatment but cannot afford it.

    After all of these steps have been done and validated, the victim will be asked to create a video explaining how the Goodwill ransomware helped him become a kind-hearted human being. They must also share the footage on their social media pages.

    Clousek explained that the malware servers will then share the entire decryption kit, which includes the main decryption tool, a password file, and a video tutorial on how to retrieve all crucial files.

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