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  • The ‘Liger’ effect : Unable to pay rent, Puri Jagannadh is vacating his Mumbai apartment.

    The ‘Liger’ film has turned the lives of director Puri Jagannadh and producer Charmee. The film was released with high expectations on August 25 but failed miserably to live up to the hype and promotions. The producers and distributors invested heavily in this film, which only left them with huge losses.

    The film’s co-producer and former actress Charmee has closed her social media accounts as a result of harsh criticism from online users. Warangal Srinu, the distributor, paid 70 crore for the movie but only made back 20% of his initial investment.

    Director Puri Jagannadh has hit an all-time low in his career with “Liger.” He was left shocked by the film’s dismal performance. To make up for distributor losses, Puri is reportedly selling some of his assets. Some sources claim that Puri has chosen to leave his Mumbai office, which costs him about Rs 15 lakh every month. The expensive rent turned out to be a burden for the director as his financial situation deteriorated. Additionally, the failure of “Liger” makes the future of his Bollywood dream look bleaker. He apparently made the decision to vacate his Mumbai office and would leave for Hyderabad soon.

    At the moment, Puri Jagannadh is not working on any projects. Will he be in a position to develop a new project or not? A significant question.

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