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  • The Most Exciting Final over Ipl Wins by the Chasing Teams.

    The ICC bought the T20 format to ensure that the public receives the adrenaline they desire. The Indian Premier League (IPL) has taken this structure to new heights by giving it wings. The Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the most thrilling sports leagues in the world. IPL matches are always entertaining, but IPL battles that go down to the final over are especially exciting. Pressure, chants, drama, wickets, and tremendous hits can all be seen in these death-over matches. The IPL has seen many last-over finishes over the years, but today we’ll discuss the top six best last-over finishes in IPL history. Allow the adventure to begin.

    1. Mumbai Indians Vs. Chennai Super Kings, 2022

    Dhoni and Final Over is a match made in heaven. This pair has set up some extreme IPL thrillers in the recent past. Chasing the target of 155 set by the Mumbai Indians, The Chennai super kings were struggling to put runs on board. Despite losing key wickets the CSK fans were still confident about their chance of winning the game. Their confidence is on one man who is standing on the pitch and He is no stranger to this kind of last-over thriller the one and only Mahendra Singh Dhoni. 17 runs are needed from 6 balls.

    The ceremony is set for the final over thriller with Unadkath at the bowling end. Elsewhere Dhoni and Pretorious are ready to run between the wickets. Unadkath to Pretorious the first ball is a shock for CSK fans as Unadkath gets Pretorious wicket off his very first ball of the final over. Caribbean power hitter Dwanye Bravo comes to the crease and takes the single of Unadkath’s next delivery which brings Dhoni to strike. 16 runs are needed off the last 4 balls. Immense pressure on Unadkath and Rohit Sharma as they know how dangerous Dhoni could be in the final overs. Third ball of the over, Unadkath to Dhoni, Bhoooom! MSD punishes Unadkath’s loose ball to the stands. That Six made a stir in MI fans’ hearts. The needed figure is now 10 of 3balls. Unadkath to Dhoni’s fourth ball of the over, Bang! It’s a four this time. Dhoni used the bouncer to send it all the way to the boundary through the short fine leg. Consecutive boundaries for CSK, are now one hit away from the win. With Dhoni in charge of the final balls, the game looked over for MI. On the fifth ball of the over, Dhoni managed to take 2 runs more importantly he’s on strike. One ball 4 runs, can Dhoni finish it off in style? There we go the last ball of the match, Bhooooom! Dhoni finishes the things with a Four. The Greatest Finisher of the Game yet again showed the cricketing world who he is. Years may have passed, and he may no longer be as dangerous as he once was. He may even struggle to get his bat to the ball at times. But, on his best days, he can still win games by himself. Dhoni scored an undefeated 28 off only 13 deliveries. CSK won the game by three wickets on the very last ball. MI, on the other hand, is at the bottom of the table with no wins this season. MI lost all of its opening 7 games for the first time in IPL history. Not a good one for MI and its Fans.


    1.  Rising Pune Supergiant vs Kings XI Punjab 2016

    In 2016, MS Dhoni, the ice-cold hitting machine, had a bad IPL season. Due to CSK’s two-year ban from the IPL, the new IPL club, Rising Pune Supergiants, purchased him and appointed him as their captain. Things, however, did not work out for both parties. Despite a promising start, RSP had a disappointing season. Even Dhoni’s brilliance couldn’t save the team, but his power-hitting kept them from finishing at the bottom of the table.

    With 23 runs to score from the last six balls, Dhoni’s team was at the ebb of losing the match while chasing a big total of 172. Dhoni used his power-hitting to bash RSP’s bowler Axar Patel. In Axar Patel’s over, the hard batter at strike began with two dot balls. Then he smashed a six off the next and declined to go for a run on the fourth. On the next ball, he hit one for a four, then smashed two consecutive sixes off the final two balls of the last over to help his team cross the line in one of the finest chases ever seen in the IPL. Dhoni scored an unbeaten 64 in just 32 balls. He will go down as the best last-over finisher of the gentlemen’s game.


    1.  Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Pune Warrior India, 2012

    The 2012 IPL was a thrilling cricket season. Many cricketing stars gained fame in this season. With his stunning knock in the final over against the now-defunct Pune Warriors, Mr. 360 showed the world who he is.

    The RCB needed 21 runs in the final over to reach their high target of 183. With Mr. 360, AB De Villiers, and Saurabh Tiwary at the crease, Pune Warriors captain Saurav Ganguly trusted Ashish Nehra with the task of defending 21 runs in the final over. Tiwary scored a single on the opening ball and then handed strike to AB De Villiers, who smacked a four and two cheeky sixes in the next three balls. ABD took a single on the fifth ball, and Royal Challengers Bangalore needed three runs on the final ball. Then Saurabh Tiwary smashed a six to give his team an unforgettable victory.


    1.  Deccan Chargers vs. Kolkata Knight Riders, 2009

    The now-defunct Deccan Chargers won the championship in 2009. In numerous matches of that season, Rohit Sharma showed flashes of his lethal batting. KKR has set a total of 160. The Deccan Chargers struggled to score runs which lead to a massive 21 runs on the target in Mortaza’s last over.

     Rohit Sharma is on strike with Venu Gopal Rao on the other end. The former hit four of the first ball which the umpire referred to as “No ball.” For KKR and its fans, the first ball was unpleasant. 

    From six balls, a total of 16 is required. The first two balls were both singles for Rao and Rohit. On the ground, there is a lot of stress. Deccan needs big runs from their batters to get the required 14 of 4. By hitting a stunning six, over midwicket by capitalizing on the full-toss delivery, Rohit put the pressure on Mortaza. Mortaza and KKR are under a were in big, big trouble. It became much worse when Mortaza delivered a wide, reducing the target to seven runs in three balls. As he dashed back to take the strike, Rohit scored two runs on the next ball. Rohit punished the next delivery of four with five needed from two. With one ball remaining, the scores were tied. Rohit only needed to push for a single to seal a victory, but He added cherries to his spectacular innings by slamming the final ball for six. Deccan chargers’ dressing room rushed onto the field to congratulate themselves on a fantastic triumph. Kolkata was stunned and unsure of what had happened.

    1. Chennai Super Kings vs Rising Pune Supergiants, 2019

    MS Dhoni is known for his calm attitude, yet he appeared to lose his cool during this match. The cricketing world was stunned when he interrupted and questioned the umpire’s decision. The final over, with 18 required, was an absolute thriller that night, and it also created some controversy, with CSK captain M.S. Dhoni coming onto the field to speak with the umpire over a no-ball.

    With a weird shot, Ben Stokes gave Jadeja a chance to hit the ball for a six of the first ball. Jadeja hits the full toss ball from Stokes for a single. Dhoni smacks the following ball for a double. Then Dhoni was clean bowled by Stokes’ sizzling yorker, and MSD departed for 58 in 43 balls. The whole crowd went silent after their hero’s departure. The Kiwi, Mitchelle Santer came to the crease replacing Dhoni. Stokes bowls a full toss that is waist-high. The no-ball is over-ruled, according to Gandhe (umpire). Dhoni interrupted the field as he lost his cool with the umpires over their annoying decision. Despite all the drama the straight umpire stuck to his decision and referred to it as a clean delivery. This added the fuel to the fire. Mitchelle Santer scored two runs off the next ball from stokes.

    Everyone’s attention is drawn to Santer and Stokes. The last ball of the match, Wooooohhhh! Santer hits a six with a slower Stokes delivery down the ground. CSK was victorious by four wickets. The triumph was lavishly celebrated by Chennai supporters and players. This will go down in the history books of CSK as a legendary chase.

    1.  Mumbai Indians vs Gujarat Lions, 2016

    In 2016, the Gujarat Lions had an outstanding IPL debut season. The Lions won nine games to take the lead in the standings. However, they were unable to qualify for the finals, despite having a fantastic season. Aaron Finch made numerous critical contributions to the Lions throughout that season. One of his numerous matches is against the Mumbai Indians, who are one of the best teams in the IPL. Finch handed the Gujarat Lions an amazing victory in the final over of that match.

    The Lions struggled to reach their 143-run target, losing 7 wickets for 133 runs in 19 overs. The Aussie,  Aaron Finch, and Dawal Kualakarni, a Mumbai local, are on the crease for Bhumra’s final over. MI is optimistic since their key man, Bhumrah, is a death-over specialist. Also, Finch’s two massive strikes might give the Lions a win. Everything is in place. MI captain Rohit Sharma set up the field according to Bhumrah’s strategy. First ball of the over: a two from Finch, and he’s back to the strike. Finch managed to get a single off the next ball. The Lions are under pressure, as the rookie Kulkarni is set to meet the extremely skilled baller Bumrah, To everybody’s surprise. The next ball was smashed by Kulkarni for four runs. With Kulkarni’s stunning strike, MI supporters and players were heartbroken. Kulkarni and Finch scored one and two runs in the next two balls, respectively. From the final ball, the Lions need two runs. Bang! Finch punished the delivery for a four, The Australian salutes the audience by raising his bat and helmet! That ball was made for him, a big, strong man given the chance to pull with all his might. It’s probably the best way to go out on a high note. Finch played a fantastic innings, lasting the entire 20 overs and weathering the pressure of the tightest game of that IPL season.


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