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  • High Court denies Rahul Gandhi, permission for Interactive Session with OU Students.

    Between the Telangana Congress and the TRS parties, a cold war is brewing. Rahul Gandhi, the former president of the AICC, would be touring Telangana for two days on May 6th and 7th. Revanth Reddy, the Telangana Congress chief, will accompany Rahul Gandhi on this Telangana tour. Rahul Gandhi and his crew planned a meeting with Osmania University students that will also include Osmania alumni and unemployed youth. However, things didn’t go as planned for Rahul Gandhi and Revanth Reddy as the meeting was not approved by the university administration. Students filed a petition against the Osmania University administration, challenging the university administration’s decision. The situation worsened when the Telangana High Court too denied the petition and opposed their request for Rahul Gandhi to speak to students on campus. 

    Telangana HC stated that 

    “The university campus cannot be used as a political platform. Permitting political events is a violation of Resolution No. 6 of the 1591h meeting of the executive council of the university.” It also added that “Positive equality, not negative equality, is guaranteed by Article 14 of the Indian Constitution. As the organisers of the event had political affiliations, the court will not allow anybody to engage in non-academic activities on campus.

    The NSUI, the congress party’s student wing, was angered by this declaration. Venkat Balmoor, the president of the National Students Union of India, staged a protest in front of the Osmania campus for denying his party’s leader, Rahul Gandhi, meeting with students. Venkat and his associates were arrested by Telangana police. They were imprisoned in Chanchalguda.

    Revanth Reddy, the Telangana Congress chief, said he has asked the Chanchalguda jail superintendent to allow Rahulji to meet our wrongfully detained TSNSUI president and other key leaders.

    He further accused the TRS government of exerting pressure on university officials. He went on to say that the TRS government is worried about Rahul Gandhi’s upcoming Telangana tour. In a series of tweets, Revanth Reddy and KTR have waged a verbal battle on this topic.

    On May 6th, Rahul Gandhi will begin his Telangana political campaign with a huge farmers’ meeting in Warangal. The goal of this meeting, according to Revanth Reddy, is to restore farmers’ self-respect.

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