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  • This Valentine’s Day, check out some cute Love Proposal scenes from Telugu Cinema

    Love. This four-letter word can transform or disrupt a person’s life. Let’s explore some of the most romantic love proposal scenes in Telugu cinema and revisit those unforgettable moments.

    Andala Rakshasi – 

    Andala Rakshasi stands as a cult classic among love stories of this generation. The hero’s poetically articulated proposal captures hearts.

    Sakhi – 

    The love proposal scene between Madhavan and Shalini is timeless, showcasing the power of love through Mani Ratnam’s dialogues.

    Arya – 

    The climax of Arya, a collaboration between Sukumar and Allu Arjun, is heart-wrenching. Seeing Geetha run to Arya after realizing her love for him can bring tears to the eyes.

    3 (Three) – 

    This film highlights the purity of love and the feelings that arise during adolescence. Among recent movies, this scene stands out as unique.

    Ye Maaya Chesave – 

    This romantic drama by Gautham Menon deserves applause for its portrayal of love towards one’s partner. The conversation between Karthik and Jessie, enhanced by Naga Chaitanya and Samantha’s performances, makes this love scene even more beautiful.

    Mirchi – 

    Although brief, this scene in Mirchi captures the audience’s heart, especially when Prabhas proposes to Anushka, eliciting cheers.

    Colour Photo – 

    Colour Photo is an unexpected gem in the Telugu film industry, showcasing innocence and honesty. The scene where the hero sincerely expresses his love to the heroine is remarkable.

    Surya S/O Krishnan – 

    Directed by Gautham Menon, this film reveals another facet of his storytelling. The parallel love stories between a father and son are numerous, but the scene where the hero serenades the heroine with the song “Nalone pongenu narmada” transports us to another world.

    Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju – 

    This film delves into the feelings one holds for their loved one. Notably, even after years of separation, the mutual respect and love between Sharwanand and Nithya Menen, expressed through poetry, make for an extraordinary sequence.


    Starring Nani, Majnu is a film that reminds you of the romantic relationships in your life. The love letter scene in this movie beautifully conveys the myriad of emotions one experiences when truly in love.

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