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  • Three Super-Stars from the Indian Film Industry in one frame (Salman Khan, Kamal Hassan, Chiranjeevi)

    We are so excited to have three of the biggest stars from the Indian film industry in one frame! It’s truly a moment to celebrate. Thank you, Salman Khan, Kamal Hassan, and Chiranjeevi, for making this moment possible!

    Chiranjeevi Garu honored and congratulated Kamal Hassan Garu for the ‘Vikram’ film last night, alongside Salman Bhai and Vikram Movie Director ‘Lokesh Kangaraj’, and it was an awe-inspiring moment for all the fans. He took to Twitter to express his feelings about the film. He stated, “Absolute joy,celebrating & honouring my dearest old friend @ikamalhaasan for the spectacular success of #Vikram along with my dearest Sallu Bhai @BeingSalmanKhan @Dir_Lokesh & team at my home last night.What an intense & thrilling film it is!!Kudos My friend!! More Power to you!”. The Vikram film is doing extremely well. We hope it will surpass $500 million worldwide in all languages.

    In response, Kamal Haasan expressed his appreciation and recalled their time working together on the film ‘Idi Katha Kaadu’ with K Balachander. ‘Idi Katha Kaadu,’ directed by K. Balachander and starring Kamal Haasan and Chiranjeevi, is a 1979 Telugu-language drama film. Go see the film for one of Chiranjeevi’s best performances in a negative role.

    These three actors have achieved massive success in their careers and have been an inspiration to many. We are so lucky to have them in our midst and we hope to see more of them in the future.

    It is great to see two of the biggest stars in the industry appreciating each other’s work. We hope to see them collaborate on a project soon!