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  • Too many controversies surround Rishab Shetty’s “Kantara”

    Recent ‘Kannada’ smash hit ‘Kantara’ is looking unstoppable at the box office. The film has already grossed 215 crores worldwide and emerged as one of the all time blockbusters of Kannada cinema. Actor and director Rishab Shetty has received massive acclaim for his work on ‘Kantara.’

    But Lately, the movie has been the subject of multiple claims. The first one began with native Tulu people protesting the inaccurate portrayal of their art form in “Bhootakola,” and several political discussions on this film’s plot are currently taking place on public discussion sites like Twitter and Reddit. In addition to all of this, a copyright issue significantly affected “Kantara.” The Kerala musical group “Thaikkudam Bridge” is suing over the chart-topping song ‘Varaaha Roopam’ from the movie album. The musicians say that the tune of their song “Navarasam,” which was published five years ago, was allegedly plagiarised by the creators of “Kantara.”

    Amidst of heated debate taking place about this copyright infringement issue. The band members of ‘Thaikkudam Bridge’ have disclosed the issue on their social media and stated that they are filing a case against makers of ‘Kantara’ for copying their content. They wrote, 

    “We would like our listeners to know that Thaikkudam Bridge is in no way or form affiliated with ‘Kantara’. The unavoidable similarities between our IP ‘Navarasam’ and ‘Varaha Roopam’ in terms of audio is therefore a blatant infringement of copyright laws. From our standpoint, the line between ‘Inspired’ and ‘Plagiarized’ is distinct and indisputable and therefore we will be seeking legal action against the creative team responsible for this. There has been no acknowledgment of our rights over the content and the song is propagared as an Original piece of work by the movie’s creative team.”

    Hombale films, the producers of ‘Kantara’ haven’t acknowledged ‘Thaikkudam Bridge’ statement yet but the public are criticizing the Kanatara creative team for this illegal act. The director and actor Rishab Shetty is also yet to make a comment on this controversy.

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