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  • Top Secrets You Didn’t Know About Naga Shaurya

    Naga Shaurya, who became popular as a ‘lover boy’ with the success of the movie Chalo, quickly gained a following among the youth. With hit movies like Oohalu Gusagusalade and Varudu Kaavalenu, he became a favorite among family audiences. Let’s explore some interesting facts about Naga Shaurya, who is currently one of the young and talented heroes in the industry.

    What is Naga Shaurya’s real name?

    His real name is Naga Shaurya Mulpuri.

    How tall is Naga Shaurya?

    He is 5 feet 9 inches tall.

    What was Naga Shaurya’s first movie?

    He made his debut in the Telugu film industry with the movie Cricket Girls And Beer (2011).

    Is Naga Shaurya married?

    He got married to his girlfriend Anusha Shetty on November 20, 2022.

    Who was Naga Shaurya’s first crush?

    Aishwarya Rai

    What is Naga Shaurya’s favorite movie?

    Titanic is his favorite movie.

    Who is Naga Shaurya’s favorite actor?

    Tamil actor Suriya

    What was Naga Shaurya’s first blockbuster hit?

    Chalo, a film he starred in alongside Rashmika Mandanna, was a super hit. Oohalu Gusagusalade was also a successful hit.

    What is Naga Shaurya’s favorite color?


    What is Naga Shaurya’s date of birth?

    He was born on January 14, 1989, in Eluru.

    What are the names of Naga Shaurya’s parents?

    Shankar Prasad and Usha Prasad

    What is Naga Shaurya’s favorite place?


    What did Naga Shaurya study?

    He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) degree.

    How many awards has Naga Shaurya received?

    He hasn’t received any notable awards.

    How many movies has Naga Shaurya acted in?

    As of 2024, Naga Shaurya has acted in 24 movies.

    What is Naga Shaurya’s favorite food?

    Perugu Vada

    What is Naga Shaurya’s nickname?


    Who is Naga Shaurya’s favorite actress?

    Anushka Shetty

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