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  • True Love Movies: These Telugu Love Films Will Forever Haunt You!

    Tollywood has seen numerous love stories over the years. However, only a few have managed to secure a permanent place in the hearts of the audience. Proving that pure love, compelling storytelling, and excellent presentation are enough to make a mark, these films have ignited emotions in viewers and introduced a new genre of love stories to the industry. ‘Sitaramam’ and ‘Hi Nanna’ are prime examples of such films that have also resonated with Bollywood audiences, becoming favorites among the northern crowd. Let’s now look at some of the cult classic movies from Tollywood and the messages they’ve shared with audiences.

    Sita Ramam

    A romantic and feel-good movie from 2022, ‘Sitaramam’ stars Malayalam hero Dulquer Salmaan and Bollywood beauty Mrunal Thakur. The story revolves around a soldier who falls in love with Princess Noorjahan. She reciprocates his feelings and marries him, sacrificing everything for him. One day, the hero becomes a prisoner of the Pakistani army, and she lives on with his memories.

    Hi Nanna

    This film also presents a unique love story. For the happiness of the woman he marries, the hero sacrifices his love. He takes care of their sick daughter as if she were the apple of his eye. Fate brings them together again, and the woman, who had forgotten her past, falls in love with her husband once more, bringing them closer.

    Surya S/O Krishnan

    An incredible love story featuring hero Surya, ‘Surya S/O Krishnan’ tells the tale of a young man who loses the woman he deeply loves and falls into bad habits. However, love enters his life again in the form of another woman. The film also beautifully depicts the father-son relationship.


    Another memorable love story from Tollywood, ‘Majili’, involves a cricketer who falls in love with a girl. When she becomes distant from him, he ends up marrying another woman, who has been in love with him since childhood. Her pure love eventually wins over his heart.

    Ninnu Kori

    The hero deeply loves a woman, but she ends up marrying someone else. Initially hoping to win her back, he ultimately sacrifices his love for her happiness.

    Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju

    This film mirrors the pure love between two hearts. The hero, a national-level runner, falls in love with a Muslim girl. Despite being separated due to unforeseen circumstances, he lives with her memories until they reunite, concluding the story happily and proving that true love never ends.


    Starring Siddharth and Shamili, ‘Oye!’ is the story of a young man who deeply loves a girl. Upon discovering she has cancer, he strives to fulfill her last wishes and stays by her side, protecting her like a guardian in her final days.

    Tholi Prema

    A cult classic love story in Tollywood, ‘Tholi Prema’ shows a young man falling for a woman who has returned from abroad. Struggling to express his feelings, he eventually learns that she loves him too, just as she is about to leave.

    Ninne Pelladata

    Directed by Krishna Vamsi, ‘Ninne Pelladata’ captivated the youth of its time. Cousins who fall in love face opposition from their feuding families. The hero goes to great lengths, even facing death, to win his love.

    Raja Rani

    With a unique storyline, this film explores the concept that one can fall in love even after marriage. Both husband and wife had failed in love in the past and ruined their current relationship by dwelling on those memories, only to eventually come closer as lovers.


    Starring Sharwanand and Samantha, ‘Jaanu’ is a cult love story remake of the Tamil movie ’96’. The hero falls in love with a girl in the 10th grade and lives unmarried, cherishing her memories. At a reunion, they share their past and feelings, bringing back old emotions.

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