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  • Unique Promotions: Creating a Buzz with Mem Famous on Social Media!

    Sumanth Prabhas not only stars in but also directs the upcoming film ‘Mem Famous,’ set to hit screens on May 26. What’s catching everyone’s attention, though, is the innovative approach taken by the film’s promotional team. Unlike the usual marketing tactics, they have embarked on a unique journey, bringing the DJ and band to engage with celebrities and involve them in the promotions. The dialogues exchanged during these interactions have gone viral, and we’ve gathered some of those videos for you.


    Vishwak Sen, riding high on the success of ‘Das Ka Dhamki,’ collaborated with the ‘Mem Famous team to promote the film in his distinctive style.


    Actor Thiruveer, known for his role in the horror film ‘Masooda,’ also joined the ‘Mem Famous’ promotions, adding his own touch to the campaign.

    Rahul Sipliganj

    Even Oscar winner Rahul Sipliganj was not spared by the ‘Mem Famous’ team, as they got him involved in their promotional activities.

    Singer Mangli

    Popular singer Mangli contributed to the hype surrounding ‘Mem Famous’ with her energetic Dhoom Dham dance.

    Adivi Sesh

    Adivi Sesh, the young hero, was not exempt from the ‘Mem Famous’ promotions. They spilled the beans and had a blast promoting the film with him.

    Vijay Antony

    Even ‘Beggar-2’ movie hero Vijay Antony enthusiastically participated in the promotions, adding his charm to the campaign.

    Rana Daggubati

    Hero Rana Daggubati made quite a splash with the ‘Mem Famous’ team, showcasing his killer moves during the promotions.

    Tarun Bhaskar

    Young director Tarun Bhaskar cleverly participated in the movie’s promotions, adding his touch of creativity to the campaign.


    The highlight of the promotions was undoubtedly the exceptional participation of the movie ‘Color Photo’ star, Suhas. Amidst his busy schedule with movie functions, Suhas grabbed everyone’s attention with his captivating dance moves.

    Anil Ravipudi

    Renowned director Anil Ravipudi also joined the bandwagon of movie promotions, showcasing his support for ‘Mem Famous.’


    Web series star Navdeep, known for his recent role in ‘Nussence,’ cleverly promoted both ‘Mem Famous’ and his web series.

    Harish Shankar

    Harish Shankar, the director of the movie ‘Ustad Bhagat Singh,’ actively participated in the promotions of ‘Mem Famous.’

    Naga Chaitanya

    Known for his calm and composed demeanor, even Naga Chaitanya got into the groove and added his charm to the ‘Mem Famous’ promotions.

    Vijay Devarakonda

    Young heartthrob Vijay Deverakonda promoted the new movie in his unique and signature style, garnering immense attention.

    Allu Arvind

    Creating a hungama in front of the Geeta Arts office the ‘Mem Famous’ team caught everyone’s eye, including Allu Aravind, who made an unexpected appearance.

    These unique and captivating promotions have set the stage for the release of ‘Mem Famous,’ generating immense excitement among the audience. With such enthusiastic support from renowned personalities, it’s safe to say that this movie is ready to make a lasting impression. Stay tuned for the film’s release on May 26!

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