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  • Valentine 2024: Surprise Your Lover this valentine in a unique way Each Day!

    As soon as February arrives, the date that immediately comes to mind for the youth is February 14th. This date is very special for the young generation. Some ponder over how to propose to the person they like on this day, while others think about what gifts to give to their beloved. However, the Valentine’s Day vibes start a week earlier. From Rose Day, Kiss Day, Propose Day, and so on, the youth celebrate each day leading up to February 14th. Do you know which day is celebrated during this Valentine’s week? If not, take a look right now.

    Rose Day (February 7)

    Every year, Valentine’s week kicks off with Rose Day. People express their love by giving red roses on this day. Many lovers give red roses to convey their feelings to the person they love. Some also give yellow roses to express their friendship.

    Propose Day (February 8)

    Propose Day is celebrated by those who wish to confess their love to the person they deeply love. Many people reveal the letters of love that have been nesting in their hearts in front of their beloved. Each one proposes to their lover in a unique way.

    Chocolate Day (February 9)

    The third day, Chocolate Day, is celebrated to forget past bitterness and start life with sweet moments. Many give chocolates as gifts to their loved ones on this day to express their love.

    Teddy Day (February 10)

    Teddy Day is celebrated with the intention of filling the beloved person’s life with happiness. Some believe having a teddy bear reminds them that their loved one is always by their side. Hence, young people often give teddies to their girlfriends.

    Promise Day (February 11)

    On Promise Day, lovers promise to stay together for life, supporting each other through thick and thin. They make promises to strengthen their bond further, considering this day as a sentiment.

    Hug Day (February 12)

    Hug Day is designated to express unspoken feelings through a warm embrace. Many believe that a single hug can convey the feelings hidden in their hearts.

    Kiss Day (February 13)

    Celebrated just a day before Valentine’s Day, Kiss Day is when lovers express their love through a kiss. This day is considered very important by couples.

    Valentine’s Day (February 14)

    Valentine’s Day has a significant history. It commemorates the sacrifice of Saint Valentine, a Christian martyr. According to history, in A.D. 270, Roman Emperor Claudius prohibited young men from marrying, believing that bachelors made better soldiers. However, Valentine defied this decree, promoting love among young couples. Influenced by his teachings, even Claudius’s daughter fell in love with someone. Enraged, the emperor executed Valentine on February 14th. Two decades after his death, in A.D. 496, Pope Gelasius declared the day of his execution as “Lovers’ Day” in his memory. Though opinions on Valentine’s Day vary, many believe this narrative.

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