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  • VALENTINES DAY GIFTS FOR HIM: Win over your boyfriend’s heart with these!

    When it comes to Valentine’s Day, boys often plan more than girls. But girls too want to give their guy a special gift, right? So, this is for you.

    Customized Keychain

    Do you know how many times the boy immersed in your love looks at photos of you both together in a day? And you know how much boys love their bikes, right? So, how about giving him a gift that combines a photo of you with his bike keychain?

    A Watch

    Give your boyfriend a lovely watch that says, “I’m always with you” every moment. Surely, he will think of you every time he looks at it.

    A Shirt

    You know what your boyfriend’s taste is, right! Buy him a nice shirt that suits his taste. He will definitely love it.


    Just like the shirt, buy him a nice perfume that matches his taste. He will feel your presence in its fragrance all day long.

    You’re the King

    Usually, boys propose to girls and praise their beauty. Just once, praise him by mentioning 20 things you like about him. Tell him with love. There are no bounds to his joy. This gift is exactly for that.

    Love Agreement

    Normally, every transaction tied with money has an agreement. But for love tied with the heart, trust is the agreement. However, this funny love agreement will surprise your boyfriend.


    A ring means a promise. That’s why they exchange rings as a promise during engagement for marriage. A ring symbolizing a lifetime bond will further solidify your place in your boyfriend’s heart.

    Beloved Glass

    Nowadays, anything we desire, be it a photo or text, is being printed on glass. If you want to remind him of your love with his morning coffee, give him a nice glass printed with a lovely photo of you both together.

    Photo Frame

    Even though we have thousands of photos in our phones, that one photo with him is very special, isn’t it? Show that specialness. Buy a nice photo frame and put your photo in it to give to him.

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