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  • Vijay Devarakonda : I’m so scared to have a daughter like Ananya Pandey.

    The blissful pair of Vijay Devarakonda and Ananya Pandey have been ruling the internet for over a period of time with the aggressive promotions of their upcoming film, “Liger.”

    Both of the stars joined in a Twitter movies Q&A session as a part of the promotional campaign for their movie. Vijay responded to some of the fans’ questions with brutal honesty. “One excellent and worst attribute in each; Vijay and Ananya should both answer,” the questioner posed. The worst thing about Ananya, according to Vijay, is that she asks too many questions. Satirically, he continued by saying that he was afraid to have a daughter like Ananya, who was preoccupied with inquiries. Vijay’s unexpected response caused Ananya to react awkwardly.. 

    Talking about Ananya’s best qualities, Vijay said that Ananya is a good learner, to which Ananya intervened and sarcastically said, “I am a good learner because I ask too many questions.” Vijay gave a loud chuckle at her astounding response.

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