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  • Vijay Deverakonda: I was upset that day… but now I have achieved love from 400 million people.

    The on-screen pairing of national crush Rashmika Mandanna, and Rowdy Boy Vijay Deverakonda, became a significant trend in Telugu cinema. Despite only two films together, they have emerged as a notable pair within the industry. Their chemistry received widespread acclaim. Their first collaboration, ‘Geetha Govindam,’ was a blockbuster hit, grossing over 100 crore rupees and becoming the biggest success of Vijay Deverakonda’s career. Directed by Parasuram and produced by Geetha Arts, the film delighted audiences with the compelling performances of both Vijay and Rashmika.

    Audiences eagerly anticipated another film from this dynamic duo, and their wishes were fulfilled when they teamed up again. Young director Bharat Kamma helmed ‘Dear Comrade,’ a romantic action drama produced under the Mythri Movie Makers banner. Justin Prabhakaran composed the music, with all the songs becoming major hits and resonating strongly with the youth.

    In this film, Vijay Deverakonda delivered an outstanding performance as a student union leader, enthralling audiences with intense action sequences. Rashmika Mandanna also shines as Lilly, a cricketer, gives a brilliant performance. Their romantic scenes elicited cheers from the audience, while their emotional exchanges were deeply moving. Despite receiving positive reviews in Telugu, the film did not achieve box office success. It faced criticism and trolling from Vijay’s detractors on social media. Although the film underperformed in theaters, it was a hit on OTT platforms, performing well in all dubbed languages and earning a favorable reputation.

    Dear Comrade record…

    Recently, the Hindi dubbed version of ‘Dear Comrade‘ set a record, garnering over 40 crore views on YouTube. Mythri Movie Makers expressed their delight about this achievement on X (formerly Twitter). Although the film’s storyline resonated less with Telugu audiences, it was well-received by Hindi viewers. Many commented on the excellent chemistry between Vijay and Rashmika, and there has been a flood of messages hoping for more such content from Vijay. Mythri Movie Makers also shared this information on X.

    We were upset that day…

    Vijay Deverakonda expressed his happiness in an Instagram post, stating, “We achieved 400 million love.” He reflected on the initial disappointment felt on the release day of ‘Dear Comrade’ in 2019, but noted that now, the film has garnered immense love, reaching 400 million views. He emphasized the special place ‘Dear Comrade’ holds in his life, regardless of how many other movies he works on. He also tagged Rashmika Mandanna in his post. Rashmika responded by sharing a screenshot of Vijay’s post on her Instagram reel.

    Whats Vijay Working on now?

    Vijay Deverakonda is currently engaged with several upcoming projects. He is working on a film titled VD12, directed by Gowtam Tinnanuri, known for ‘Jersey‘, which is reported to be a period drama. Additionally, he is involved in VD14, directed by Rahul Sankrityan of ‘Taxiwaala‘ fame, carrying the tagline ‘The Legend of Cursed Land.’ These projects are anticipated to play a pivotal role in Vijay’s career. Given that his recent films ‘Khushi’ and ‘Family Star’ did not meet expectations, Vijay is approaching these new projects with caution.

    Meanwhile, Rashmika Mandanna is actively engaged in promoting ‘Pushpa 2.’ After the success of the movie ‘Animal,’ she has been gaining opportunities in Bollywood. She is currently working on two films: ‘Chhava’ in Hindi and ‘Kubera’ in Tamil.

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