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  • Vijay Deverakonda says ‘Learn from Mistakes’ in his latest post

    On social media, Vijay Deverakonda’s most recent Instagram photo has gone viral. The actor uploaded a preparation video of his workout for the film “Liger.” He can be seen working out hard to fit into the role of an MMA fighter. The caption he wrote for the video is what is being debated online more than his actual video, according to netizens. Vijay urged people to “work hard, challenge themselves, gain new skills, learn from errors, appreciate achievement, and live the life they desire” in an Instagram post. 

    Following the failure of his most recent film, “Liger,” his supporters and internet users think that his description accurately describes his current predicament. It seems like Vijay is enthusiastically engaged in his next endeavours. Although many of his admirers and well-wishers believe that his decision to go with “Liger” was poor, we can’t undo what he has already accomplished.

    Vijay Deverakonda is soughted out to be one of the best young talents of the gen-z. With his early movies like Yevade Subramanyam, Arjun Reddy, Taxiwala, and Geetha Govindam, he had meteoric success. The well-liked actor, nevertheless, has recently had a hattrick of setbacks. The box office failures of Dear Comrade, World Famous Lover, Nota, and his most recent picture, “Liger,” caused a dent in his image.

    Despite a string of flops Vijay still holds the supremacy among the Tier-2 actors of Tollywood. He has a sizable following across the country. All he really needs right now is the ideal comeback movie. Vijay’s former greatness may be restored with a single powerful hit. The actor and Samantha are now working on the Mythri Movie Makers-produced romantic comedy “Kushi.” The movie is slated to hit theaters in December 2023.

    Aside from “Kushi,” Vijay Deverakonda signed no movies yet. The actor has reportedly become pickier about the scripts since the failure of “Liger.” In fact, he made the decision to shelve Puri Jagannadh’s “Jana Gana Mana” in the wake of Liger’s poor performance. According to rumours, Vijay is in negotiations for a movie with filmmaker Harish Shanker and producer Dil Raju.

    There is no denying the actor from “Liger” is a fantastic performer. He must now concentrate on strong scripts rather than being in news for his controversial takes. We hope he succeeds in his next endeavours.

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