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  • Vijay Deverakonda will not return his ‘Liger’ remuneration

    Even after being washed out from theaters, Vijay Deverakonda’s “Liger” is still making the rounds on the internet. “Liger” is now dealing with a numerous of financial problems. The movie tanked at the box office, costing all parties involved a great deal of money. Trade analysts estimate that “Liger” caused its distributors to lose over 70 crores.

    The “Liger” director and co-producer Puri Jagannadh is currently in negotiations with his distributors and is anticipated to make up for their losses. Another co-producer, Charmee, has announced that she’s taking a break from social media due to the backlash she’s receiving on this platform.

    All eyes are now focused on Vijay Deverakonda. Some false claims assert that Vijay has returned his salary in order to make up for “Liger’s” losses, although these allegations contain no verifiable information. To be clear, Vijay is paid 20 crores for “Liger,” but he only accepted the 6 crore advance and asked the producers to use the rest  so he could receive a sizable cut of the profits. But as the film turned out as a dud, Vijay didn’t even seek the remaining 14 crore in remuneration that was due to him. We should be appreciative for Vijay’s thoughtful action. At least a few distributors’ careers will be saved by the sum he left.

    Vijay put a lot of work into “Liger.” He built a muscular body for MMA athlete look. For this project he gave three of his prime years. The time & the effort  he kept on this movie may be worth more than  20 crores. We hope that this hero makes a great comeback with his forthcoming endeavours.

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