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  • Vijayendra Prasad, the creator of some of the most emotionally charged movie moments

    Vijayendra Prasad is a renowned screenwriter of Indian movies. He is held in great esteem in Telugu films. Raja Mouli, a talented filmmaker, is his son. All of the stories for the movies directed by Rajamouli, with the exception of “Eega,” were written by Vijayendra Prasad. We will be taken to a new world by his storytelling. Usually, he will hook you with some emotionally charged scenes. That is the writing of Vijayendra Prasad’s secret and power. He received a nomination for membership in the Rajya Sabha from the Indian government yesterday in honour of his contributions.

    Let’s recall some of the wonderful scenes in the movies written by him.

    Bajrangi Bhaijaan

    More than 25 films have had stories written by Vijayendra Prasad, but “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” stands out among them all. Everyone found themselves feeling so much sympathy for the characters at a number of the film’s emotionally charged parts. In this film, the main character assists a young girl in returning to her Pakistani family.

    The scene in the brothel where the girl is sold

    Even the toughest hearts are moved by this scene. The hero gives the child to an agent who promises to take her home, but in order to make money, he sells the child to a prostitute. In the meantime, the hero comes into contact with the girl and is moved to tears at seeing her in that state. She rushes up to the hero as soon as she sees him and gives him a hug. Everyone is undoubtedly moved by this scene.

    Climax Scene

    The climactic scene from the movie Bajrangi Bhai Jaan cannot be adequately expressed in words. The main character is attacked by Pakistani police after leaving the girl there. Finally, the girl lets out a sweet “Mama” scream as he approaches the Indian border. This scene will undoubtedly bring tears to our eyes.


    RRR has recently caused havoc in theaters. Watch how Vijayendra Prasad’s magic has become better with age.

    The scene where Malli is kidnapped

    The agony a mother experiences when her children are taken from her and she is unable to stop it is beautifully shown in Rajamouli’s film.

    The scene where Malli and NTR meets

    Your heart will be torn apart by Malli and NTR’s emotions when they first meet in the king’s palace. Hope is infused into our souls by Malli’s persona.


    In Simhadri, Bhumika played a character who had forgotten who she was, but in the midst of a painful situation, she remembered and stabbed the hero with a shovel. The audience will undoubtedly cry throughout the scenes that come next.


    Since 1988, Vijayendra Prasad has started producing short stories. The sports drama “Sye” was requested by his son Rajamouli. In one scene of this movie, the antagonist Bhikshu Yadav gets into a fight with rugby coach Rajiv Kanakala and some college students. Rajiv Kanakala’s father dies as a result of this fight. We were unable to forget this scene because of the feelings it evoked.


    The character of Charatrapati in this film is a pure rush of adrenaline for moviegoers. This movie established Prabhas as the face of mass movies.

    The dialogue ‘Ika Chalu’ 

    This incident will live on in memory for the dialogue “Ika Chalu” by Chatrapathi. It’s fair to say that the audience in theatres erupted in joy during the scene in which the hero, who has been a slave for years, suddenly breaks free and turns around.

    Okka Adugu 

    The following dialogue scene is equally brilliant. The audience was so enthralled when this scene first came in the movie that they were unable to stay sitting.


    Another example of Vijayendra Prasad’s literary prowess is Vikramarkudu. Millions of people have been touched by this film. An iconic moment in Indian cinema history is the hero’s portrayal in this film.

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