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  • Violent Teenage Love: A student uses a blade to cut another student’s throat

    Teenage love tales are fantastic to see on the big screen, but in real life, the situation is very different. In Hyderabad, a horrific incident occurred in which teenage love turned to violence.

    A Banjara Hills teen Durga Prasad(16) who was in tenth grade at a private school had recently fallen in love with a girl his age. After several days, he finally proposed to her, but things quickly worsened as she was already in love with a person, Rohan. Her partner became upset after she informed him of the boy’s proposal.

    Rohan and his friend Sanjay Met Durga Prasad after his night study hours in Film Nagar. They took him to an isolated place and threatened to kill him if he didn’t stay away from the girl. These statements by Rohan infuriated Durga Prasad who fought back. Rohan and Sanjay violently assaulted Durga Prasad with sticks and a knife. Later, he was pictured with wounds and the statement ‘He will never trouble you again’ was provided to his love interest by Rohan. Durga Prasad was thrown in the middle of the road with bleeding wounds. Locals who saw the boy alerted the police and shifted him to a hospital. The Rajendhra Nagar police took notice of the alarming news and filed an attempt to murder and kidnap case against Rohan and Sanjay.

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