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  • Virata Parvam is based on true incidents inspired by the life of a woman from Warangal

    This film is based on true events inspired by the life of a Warangal woman. Sai Pallavi will play the role of “Vennela” (name changed).

    Virata Parvam is based on the true story of a Warangal woman who fought against all odds. The film is an uplifting story about hope, courage, and determination. The film is inspired by and based on true events that occurred in the 1990s. Rana will be seen as Comrade Ravanna, and Sai Pallavi will be seen as his admirer Vennala.

    Sai Pallavi will play the role of “Vennela” (name changed). After the Viraata Parvam Athmeeya Sabha on Sunday evening, the Virata Parvam team met the girl’s (Vennela) family in Warangal.

    The film, which was shelved several times, is finally seeing the light of day, and it’s encouraging to see people talking about it and expressing their feelings because of the actress ‘Sai Pallavi.’ It demonstrates how people will shower their love on them, and it makes no difference to them whether they are actors or actresses; the performance is what matters.

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