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  • Vishwak Sen and TV9 Anchor Devi Nagavalli’s live squabble on TV9.

    Vishwak Sen and TV9 anchor Devi Nagavalli got into a ferocious argument which resulted in Sen’s abrupt exit from the station. The Hit actor came up with a bizarre prank video stint to promote his upcoming flick “Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam.”

    The star has been slammed for his  gimmick. The actor teamed up with fellow artist Laxman to execute a suicide prank in the middle of heavily trafficked city roads of Hyderabad city. The public was terrified until they realized it was a prank video. This incident resulted in a huge traffic jam. Despite the fact that nothing disastrous occurred as a result of the incident, netizens and locals labelled it “too much” from Vishwak Sen.

    Vishwak Sen visited the TV9 studio earlier today to discuss his latest film “Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam” and the viral prank video. The interview sparked controversy right away when the anchor, Devi Nagavalli, singled out Vishwak Sen for his reckless acts. She and the actor quickly became enraged over the spoof video. The actor stated that he will do anything as long as the public is entertained. Who are you to question me? Devi Nagavalli, the anchor, was outraged by his comments and demanded that he leave the studio. Sen, who was annoyed by the anchor’s behaviour, stormed out of the studio after making some disparaging remarks about her. “I had the least interest in promoting my film through TV9,” he said as he walked away.

    Adding fuel to the flames, lawyer Arun Kumar filed a complaint against Vishwak sen with the Telangana State Human Rights Commission for creating a public nuisance.

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