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  • Watch the satirical comedy web series “Maa Neella Tank” this rainy weekend while enjoying some popcorn

    “Maa Neella Tank” is a satirical comedy web series which is currently streaming on Zee5. The eight episode web series is getting positive response from the audience. With 50 million streaming minutes since its release on July15, the series is trending at the first place on Zee5.

    The Narrative of  “Maa Neella Tank” 

    The story takes place in the Rayalaseema village of Buchivolu. In the village, Sarpanch Kodandam (Prem Sagar) and his wife Chamundi (Nirosha) are well-known political figures. They nurture their only kid, Gopal (Sudharshan), a would-be social media influencer. After finding that his crush, Surekha (Priya Anand), has vanished from the hamlet, Gopal makes a threat to leap off a water tank in the first episode of the series. Gopal accuses his father of being at fault as locals from the area congregate at the water tank. Kodandam hires sub inspector Vamshi (Sushanth) to find and return the missing girl. Vamshi seeks out Surekha in the hopes of being transferred from the village to the city. He deceives her into believing him, then returns her to the village. In addition to all the chaos, the narrative implies a political undertone centered on the malfunctioning water tank, which Gopal has managed to climb. While discharging his duties, what bond did Vamshi and Surekha develop? Will she forgive him for his lies? What happened to Gopal?


    Sushanth, Priya Anand, Prem Sagar, Sudharshan getting acclaimed for their roles. The series’ plot and screenplay were written by Rajshree Bisht and Suresh Mysore; the dialogue and lyrics were written by Kittu Vissapragada; the cinematography was done by Arvind Vishwanath; the music was composed by Naren RK Siddhartha; the editing was done by Kotagiri Venkateshwar Rao; the art direction was done by Raj Kamal; the costumes were designed by Leelavathi

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