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  • Welcome to 2022, the year of Indian cinema’s fusion

    India is a multicultural nation with a wide variety of customs. Just like customs and traditions, there are regions and their film industries. The largest sector in India, the Hindi film industry, or Bollywood, has experienced a setback recently. The South Indian films have become favourite among viewers.

    Four distinct businesses make up the South Indian film industry: Tollywood (Telugu), Kollywood (Tamil), Mollywood (Malayalam), and Sandalwood (Kannada). Tollywood and Kollywood have historicallyare the two which produces most number of movies.. These industries have a long history, a distinct market niche, and a global reach.

    Tollywood and Kollywood traditionally shared a strong bond. Tamil movies actually used to predominate Telugu movies at one point. But over the past ten years, the trend has changed. Tamil Nadu and the Telugu States saw a significant decline in the dubbing film market.

    However, recent epic movies like Baahubali, KGF, and RRR, as well as the rise of OTTs, have revitalised the dubbing film culture across all industries. At the moment, language is not an obstacle between the audience and the artists. Films are being made in various languages by people from different film industries with directors again from different film industries. This phase is literally a crossover phase in Indian cinema.

    There was a time when South performers aspired to become Bollywood stars, but today, South stars like Prabhas, Yash, and Ram Charan are working in Bollywood movies and have enormous fan bases in Hindi-speaking countries. Hindi films are released in South markets, and South films are released in Hindi markets. Tamil heroes are being directed by a lot of Telugu directors. Working with Tamil and Malayalam directors are several Telugu actors. Before Bollywood was seen as the face of Indian Cinema, there is still a long way to go, but the Indian Film Industry has genuinely become a fusion of all of the other regional film industries.

    Let us see some of the upcoming projects from this cross over trend.

    • Adipurush – Telugu Hero, Hindi director 
    • Jawan – Bollywood movie and Hero, Tamil director 
    • RC15 – Telugu Hero, Tamil director 
    • Salaar – Telugu Hero, Kannada director 
    • Sir – Tamil Hero, Telugu director  
    • RC16 – Telugu Hero, Kannada director (not officially confirmed yet)
    • Varasudu – Tamil Hero, Telugu director 
    • Prince – Tamil Hero, Telugu director 
    • NC 23 – Telugu Hero, Tamil director
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