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  • What Mango fruit with a Zip? Yes its going Viral on Social Media

    Summers are meant to be enjoyed by eating sweet mangoes. Who doesn’t love this superfruit? India is one of the world’s biggest producers of mango. For generations, our community has savored this divine fruit in many forms – from ripe and raw to pickled and pulped. The humble Mango is also a key ingredient in curries, chutneys and jams.

    But what’s got everyone talking recently is the ‘Mango with a Zip’. A user named Beautifuleart has posted a video of this Zipper mango on Instagram. All they did was chop it around the circumference and fixed a white zip in the sliced region. A man presents it by opening the zip, which reveals fresh mango pulp inside.

    The public, on the other hand, is not impressed by this. The comments were filled with a lot of satirical comments. Some of them are  ‘But Why’, ‘What the heck??? Did you make that?’ ,’ Y’all get scary day by day’